4 reasons downhill skiing is better in Scandinavia


The downhill skiing resorts in Scandinavia are far smaller than their cousins in the Alps, but what they lack in size they gain in charm and pure skiing pleasure. If you are not convinced, here are a few reasons why skiing in Scandinavia simply is better:

1 – There are no lines

Yes, the number of slopes and lifts are fewer at the Scandinavian resorts, but so are the number of people too. You will never have to wait for 45 minutes by the lift in the morning, just to be taken up to the slopes. Skiing in Scandinavia generally means more time skiing, and less time waiting in line.

2 – It’s cheaper

Well, ok we admit it, it might not be completely true. Buying a beer or two at the afterski might set you back 50 bucks in Scandinavia, and eating out isn’t something you want to do unless you got deep pockets. However, the lift tickets are in general a lot cheaper in Scandinavia than in the Alps, usually up to 40-50% cheaper.

3 – It’s real cold

Scandinavia is for real men that likes real winter, not the sort of minus two degree, sunny stuff you find further south. It might sucks when you can’t feel your nose, but nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee in front of the fireplace, after being outside in some real cold Winter weather. And oh yes, the snow is much drier and stays good longer when it’s cold, something all real skiers appreciate.

4 – It’s for real skiers

Face it, you are not going on a skiing holiday in Norway to be seen in your newest rad alpine outfit – there simply aren’t anyone watching. Skiing in Scandinavia is for the real skiers, those dedicated people that prefer spending their time doing big turns down the slope, not hanging out at the nearby bar (it’s too damn expensive to hang out there anyway).