5 things foreigners hate about Denmark


Danes are genteelly considered as the happiest people on Earth, but for an alien that find him -or herself stuck in this tiny country far North, it doesn’t always seems like such a happy place.

1 – Danes know best

Danes are always right – well at least they think so themselves. They have been told all their life that Denmark is great and it creates a population of people that believe they always got the right answers to any question. Denmark is great and Denmark has done remarkably well it’s tiny size taken into consideration, but if you try to discuss culture, transportation or politics with a Dane, it will often feel like banging your head against the wall.

2 – Denmark got some of the worst weather around

There are really nice weather in Denmark, one or two days a year, but most of the time it’s just really depressing. Especially the Winter weather is utterly useless. It’s getting just cold enough for it to be really uncomfortable to be outside, but not cold enough to get real winter weather, like in Sweden or Norway.

3 – It’s difficult to get Danish friends

Even though Danes are among the best non-native English speakers in the world, they are surprisingly difficult to make friends with. It’s not that Danes are hostile toward foreigners, they are just not very much into people from abroad. Danes are very conform and like things a sudden way, and foreigners doesn’t fit into this culture very well.

4 – Danes love their traditions

Danes take traditions very seriously, and they have traditions for pretty much everything. They are however, often not official traditions, and no one cares to enlighten you, it’s just expected that understand it. And no matter what; Never, ever try to suggest a slight change to a Danish tradition, it’s not going to be taken lightly.

5 – Denmark is boring

Face it, no matter what the Danes might say, Denmark is pretty boring. Except for maybe Copenhagen and Århus, there aren’t really any cities that has just a slight resemblance to something urban. Not to speak of the country side, that is more or less the same throughout the entire country; Large industrial farming fields, broken up by a bit of forrest and a few villages here and there.