Santa is Scandinavian – Or is he? The Scandinavians can’t agree


Few things can spark a heated discussion among Scandinavians, as to where Santa Claus actually lives. If it’s because of childhood believes, or pure economic factors that causes the Scandinavians to highly disagree on where the jolly old man got he’s home, is not easy to say – It’s probably a combination.

Norway – He lives in Drøbak

If you ask the Norwegians, Santa lives in the tiny village of Drøbak, just south of Oslo. Or at least some clever guys wanting to make a buck or two, tried to convince the Norwegian kids that it was true. At the end of the day, most Norwegian kids still believe that Santa and he’s reinideers live at the North Pole.

To convince everyone that Santa was in fact living in Drøbak, more than 250.000 letters are on display at Drøbak Julehus (Christmas house). The letters are from all over the world, or at least that’s what we are being told – because after all, every kid on Planet earth, knows that Drøbak is the home of santa! (at least the Norwegians like to believe so).

Denmark – Santa is obviously living on Greenland

If you ask the cocky Danes, there are no room for discussion; Santa lives on Greenland and he always has. What the Danes fail to remember, is that when their grandparents where kids, Santa still lived on the North Pole. He’s home was simply moved to the capital of Greenland, Nuuk, in the 1960’s in an attempt to boost tourism. In an attempt to convince the rest of the world about this new home town of Santa, the Greenland Postal Service hired an army of workers to personally respond to all the letters that were send to Santa’s address in Nuuk every year. This obviously didn’t came free, but the Danish government down in Copenhagen, where more than happy to subsidize the propaganda machinery in their colony further north.

Sweden – Santa is from Santa Town

In good traditional Swedish spirit, they didn’t want to be left out of a possible source of revenue, and created what they call Santa Town (Tomteland) around 30 min. drive outside the small town of Mora, better known as the home of Vassaloppet, the worlds largest cross country ski race. To be fair, Santa Town is a nice place to visit on a cold Winter day, but it hasn’t been very successful in convincing kids around the world (or even in Sweden) that this is indeed the place Santa lives. Most Swedish kids would as of this day, still give their vote to the North Pole, when asked where Mr. Claus got he’s home.

Finland – Santa Claus lives in Rovaniemi

When it comes to commercialization of Santa, there are no doubt that the Finnish are the winners among the Scandinavians. Their Santa Claus Village just north of the Lapland town of Rovaniemi (right on the Arctic circle, give or take), has had a tremendous success over the years. Every year, the tiny regional airport in Rovaniemi are receiving charter flights from as far away as Japan and China, filled with kids (and their paying parents), that want to meet Santa and pet he’s reinideers. The success has been so great, that even many kids from the Northern parts of Norway and Sweden are convinced that Father Christmas is indeed living in the deep forrests of Finland.