Where else would you find a wilderness church than in Finland


In Finnish Lapland, a few kilometers from the village of Inari, is a road-less church from 1760, well worth a visit.The area is called Pielpajärvi and used to be the location where local villagers from Inari stayed through the harsh and cold Lapland winter.

The church is open all year round, but is only accessible through a 5 km. long, well-marked hiking trial, starting from the Sarviniementie parking area, North-East of Inari. The trail will take you through beautiful and untouched Lapland forest scenery. The hike itself is easy and can be done in little more than an hour, but do remember that this is an area of wast wilderness, so unless you know how to navigate in unknown terrain, you shouldn’t leave the trail.

The nearby village of Inari is a great starting point for explaoring the area. Here you’ll find campsites, cabins and hotels, in addition to supermarkets and shops that can provide you all the equipment you need to explore the Lapland wilderness.